The Challenges Of International Students Essay

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Currently, students are living in a highly-competitive world in which every individual have their

own American Dream. They could gain wealth and opportunities by their hard-working, creative and

courageous in American, and trust that a great education ,which may provide much more opportunities

to gain a favorable impression from colleagues, leaders and boss, is key to success. Therefore, many

international students would move from one discourse community to another for better education and

American Dream. If they want to be successful in their certain fields, they have to face and address

various challenges that they expect to encounter. As a result, each students all need vital changes when

they encounter difficulties in life.

First of all, if international students move from homeland to foreign, what challenges that

individuals would face due to various aspects of the cultural differences between discourse

communities? People would experiences abundant aspects of the cultural differences, such as

language, environment, social organization, context, authority, non-verbal communication, and time.

Nevertheless, there are some similarities in various aspects.

Firstly, international students cannot explain their opinions specifically because of different

language in first year. LESCANT can explain time 's context by stating that " The cultural effects of

Language go beyond the simple matter of speaking different languages. This area includes…

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