What Is Morality?

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Every day we are to choose what way we should go; decide do or do not; make first step to answer complicated questions. We have to face the problems and deal with them. We have to take new issues every hour. The most difficult and the most important questions we ask ourselves are the questions about morality. Because our answer for this questions truly defines who we actually are. It often said that morality makes people better, because their actions are aimed to the goodness, kindness, changing world to better and helping people. Moral is a very wide area of knowledge and today we will focus on some narrow topic to research it. I will talk about the spheres where the morality can be applied and where it can be not. So we will talk about moral, …show more content…
For example, the most famous and respected writers and philosophers wrote about the problem of morality. They are Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Confucius, Thomas Aquinas,
Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel, Sigmund Freud, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jurgen
Habermas… They did a great job because today we have plenty of structured systems of morality, which can explain, what the morality is, and how it can be provided in our life, and what influence it has on us. The morality was even considered as an argument in the discussion about the existence of God. The amount of works, dedicated to the question of the morality, is obviously great, and this can persuade us in the importance of the questions of moral values. Focusing on the hypothesis that I’ve formulated in the introduction, I will explain my ideas using the help of great philosophers, writers and scientists, and I will illustrate my point of view with some examples.
I should start with the understanding of moral issue. We can know about morality from ethics, anthropology or psychology. The Stanford Encyclopedia of
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“Morality” has also been taken to refer to any code of conduct that a person or group takes as most important”.
And if I try to summarize my whole personal knowledge about morality, I’d say that morality is the all the decisions we make, all the intentions we have, and all the actions we do in our willing to accord to some moral code. Moral code is a system, which recognizes what is right or good, and what is wrong or bad. So, the morality is the personal way to act accordingly to some moral code that this person has. In such a way, the moral issue is the problem which can have good or bad solution according to the moral code. This means that we can apply moral teaching or rules to this issue to define and solve it. In other words, if you can judge an issue due to your moral code, than this issue can be called as the moral issue.
Norman J. Bull says that every moral issue is solute due to within the context of a concrete situation. He says that it’ll be shaped and molded – though not determined – by the situation. As history never repeats itself, save in broad patterns of similarity, so

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