The Challenges Of Black Artists

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As we look in the world today, we see that art is everywhere around us. Art can be on a picture carved in a tree, the design of the chair etc. The artist of their masterpiece would have no trouble producing what they want. However back in the 1900s art wasn’t as easily shown to the public. It was especially difficult for black artist to show their masterpiece because they had face multiple obstacles. The Negro Artist and The Racial Mountain, written in 1929 by Langston Hughes shows the identity crisis and daily life problems that black artist have to face. Bop, written in 1949 also by Langston Hughes, describes the inequality and social injustice that African American people have to face daily. Some of the challenges that Langston Hughes …show more content…
Nevertheless, some of these artists do gets recognized and makes a name for themselves. These artists go through tough criticism from their group and also from whites. “‘Oh be respectable, write about nice people, show how good we are’” said the Negroes.”’ Be stereotyped, don 't go too far,don 't shatter our illusions about you, don 't amuse us too seriously.We will pay you.’” said Whites. Being pressured by both color groups doesn’t allow the artist to be free to display their ideas. Instead, the artist is covered by all these barriers that covers up the their ideas. Relating the same situation in “Bop” was when Simple finishes explaining the meaning of Be-Bop to the Narrator. “ Your explanation depresses me,” said the Narrator. “Your nonsense depresses me,” said Simple.
Simple isn’t afraid to tell the truth about what Be-Bop really is because he wants everyone to know. He has the conversation with the Narrator on the stoop so that others, who wonders what Be-Bop is, can know what Be-bop is. Simple doesn’t want the art of Be-Bop to be misinterpreted or censored. He believes that Be-Bop wasn’t just music, but it was a story behind each Be-Bop

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