The Challenges Of Bartlomeu Dias?

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Imagine being the first explorer of your people to sail successfully around a piece of land and find a new trade route, sounds amazing right? Well that is what Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias did. He even had the chance to name the cape he sailed around. Bartolomeu Dias was born in Lisbon Portugal in the year of 1450 (“The Ages of Exploration”). He was appointed to sail to Africa to find a Christian King, but his trip was not all sunshine and smiles, he did face challenges like any normal human would, those challenges even had some even worse consequences. Bartolomeu Dias was an explorer who got to do some great things just on one expedition.
Bartolomeu Dias was the first European explorer to sail around the cape of good hope ( “Bartolomeu Dias” 1 ) . He was the first explorer to successfully sail around the tip of Africa from the Atlantic ocean to the Indian Ocean in 1488, which had opened up opportunities for a new trade route from Europe to Asia by sailing around Africa (“Age of Exploration). The cape is at the southern end of the continent of Africa. He had named the cape “Cabo Tormentoso” which
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Dias’ original route was just to sail along the edge of Africa, but because of the wind, that had not completely gone smoothly (“The Age of Exploration”). First, he had sailed towards the mouth of the congo, which was newly discovered by Cao and Behaim, two other explorers, followed by the African coast. (Harting). After a little while near Walfisch Bay is when the crew had lost sight of land and all the trouble was occuring. The sole purpose of the entire trip itself was to find the country of a king, because the Portuguese wanted to be on friendly terms with them (Harting). Sometimes a task may seem easy but obstacles get in the way but good outcomes still can happen, like a new trade

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