The Challenges Of Adaptive Leadership

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Equality between men and women, freedom from discrimination between races, militarization of police, poverty. Social issues in the United States have become the forethought of debate and heated exchanges,
Racism and discrimination between men and women has been a part of complex institutionalized systems that has lasted for hundreds of years, with many scholars wanting to understand how these systems can change, how equality can be instituted in a society that dated back since the beginning of time and has been ingrained in our formal institutions, in our daily lives, in our thoughts. These challenges that people faced were multifaceted and shouldn’t be relied on by only the leader, ergo politicians, to change.
Adaptive leadership, defined
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Before putting people to work on challenges for which there are no ready solutions. A leader must realize that people can learn only so much so fast.” Stress is necessary in change, adaptive leaders must be able to regulate the distress among their own people and followers and even themselves in order to be conducive in order to regulate the reactions to change and prevent people from being overwhelmed by it leaders must create safe spaces for tackling problems, provide direction by helping identify the adaptive challenge, and protection by managing the rate of change so others are not overwhelmed by a rate they can’t …show more content…
An adaptive leader must encourage people to focus on the work or problem ahead of them. There are times when people wish to keep and strive for a regularity, as Peter G. Northouse said in Leadership: Theory and Practice “people naturally do not want to confront change, particularly when it means to change their belief, values, or behaviors.”
During the Great Depression Franklin D. Roosevelt, conducted fireside chats during evenings in an effort to raise national morale and gain support for his New Deal initiatives which would make citizens pay high taxes but also provide welfare services. By addressing his followers directly and communicating them Roosevelt was able to maintain discipline and focus on the necessary problems at hand, helping to eradicate poverty.
The fifth leader behavior is Giving the work back to the people, While followers expect leaders to provide protection, order, and direction in their work but when leadership is completely authoritative and controlling it suppresses their abilities and

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