The Challenges Of Active Listening Interpersonal Communication

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Jessica Gutierrez Dyann Dierks Active Listening Interpersonal Communication March 31 ,2016 . As a Hispanic , along with being women in America I have been a minority . Wondering is all I can do , on how my world would be if I were in any way , not a minority . This assignment was perfect . I interviewed a middle-aged , American , women interventionist at my high school . As well as wondering what my world (1)be if I weren 't a minority , I also wonder what my future will be . I decided to interview Sarah Morehead because she is a majority and there is a possibility our futures (2)are different . She was born in Denver , Colorado and grew up in Denver until the age of six . Growing up she did not have the finest clothes nor life of living but she was happy . Her hardest challenge growing up was that …show more content…
Her answer was the number of times she had not been picked because she was a woman . The job she has now almost did not go to her because there was a man being hired for it . When she was younger the wealthy and popular kids were the majority of the time picked before her . After knowing all the information she gave , I wondered if dropping out was ever an option or through . Sarah 's response of course not , the school was easy , college is where the real challenge was . All of the information was given seemed not to be very intimate . She is like an open book . From the affect displays were given , there are hidden emotions she has already surpassed or is still holding on to . The interview seemed like an interruption to her , seemed to have an M-time orientation . While I was giving her the interview she repeatedly went back and forth to check on kids . There was not a moment where she sat down and calmly went through my interview . Overall I saw various kinesics . There was probably more visible body movements than emotions were shown . The emotions she showed were disgust of the girls that did her wrong . Above all trust , people will change and have good in them

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