The Challenges In The World Of Harry Potter

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The magical world of Harry Potter includes several different types of people. It ranges from young children to mature adults. It has easily spread all over the globe, and has blown up so much that people all around the world have integrated the world of Harry Potter in their lives. These people that are a “part” of the world of Harry Potter dress up like the characters from the movies. Whenever a new book came out, they would stand in front of the bookstores for long hours at a time, dressed as a Harry Potter character. The same with the movies, whenever a new movie would come out, the tickets were sold out fairly quickly. Through the years, the fan base has only grown into massive numbers. The first book of the Harry Potter series was published …show more content…
Each of the staff holds great meaning to the forum. Each one has their own job that they have to do. The Headmasters are the busiest because they run the entire website. Most of the problems can be handled by the rest of the staff, but if it cannot be resolved, the Headmasters are always there to help. The Deputy Headmasters are the leaders of the Professors and the Prefects. They help them with activities that go on in the forum and with any technical issue that may arise. The Professors are the “police” of the forum. ("Pottermore Fan Forum Organization." Potter Fan Forum.) They make sure the forum is working smoothly. The Prefects are lesser than the Professors. Their duty is to take care of the order in the House Common Rooms. According to the website, there are not any Prefects in the forum at the moment because there aren’t any members that are qualified. The PFF Class Professors teach the PFF classes, which are classes taken from the books. It is basically like taking online classes, but they are classes such as Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Divination etc. The professors control everything that goes on within the classes. The Roleplay Team is in charge of the roleplay forum. They are in charge of approving new characters and making sure the story is still going. Furthermore, there are also Honorary Members in the forum, who have earned their “rank” by contributing greatly to the forum. Then there are regular members who are divided into five groups which are: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or unsorted. This ranking is gained through the sorting through the Pottermore website. These levels of membership are used to distinguish the people in the forum. It shows the different jobs that they hold. The forum would not be able to function properly without them. It also shows level of activity

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