The Challenges Facing Talent Management Essay

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The challenges facing talent management

Future talent management must essentially solve three key challenges going forward. These are adjusting to the changing work environment, understand the differences of the future employee, and shifting the process from pure talent management to people management.

The workplace is rapidly changing

The workplace is undergoing a huge change, driven by the increase in technology. Organisations aren’t reliant on permanent staff to the same extent, as work can be contracted by an individual operating on the other side of the planet.

Therefore, the new norm might be for organisations to have a small in-house staff, completed with virtual networks of freelancers and other contractors. According to data, the US already has 15.5 million working as self-employed. What’s more interesting, is how some studies have estimated these independent workers to account for over 40% of the total US workforce by 2020.

The further chances of this could also mean the workforce will become more fluid. A talented individual might not stick working with a single organisation, but offer his or her talents to a number of companies. The fluidity will in turn increase networking, as people work with different people more regularly.

The future employee is different

As the workforce is shifting from the ‘babyboomers’ to millenials, HR department must also prepare for a different type of employee. Already, studies have highlighted the different approach millenials…

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