The Challenges Faced By Margarita Suarez Essay

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As goals are set and sought to accomplish many times challenges and setbacks arise creating a difficult time for the person seeking success and deliverance. However, the obstacles or challenges that are faced must be surpassed in order to reach a goal. It is important to assess these challenges and take proper measures for the best goal results. Once the difficulties and setbacks are achieved, the feelings that come with these accomplishments is what drives most people to remain determined till the end of reaching their goal. This analysis will discuss the challenges young nineteen year old Margarita Suarez, faced as she competed against all odds and challenging obstacles in order to win a competition that meant more to her than just a title. This analysis constricts of self-improvement, as the protagonist managed to surpass expectation,stigmas, and physical barriers while she mastered all challenges that came her way. The protagonist is introduced in the opening scene as Margarita Suarez, she is a young outstanding swimmer from long beach California. Margarita is a first generation American teen, whose families origins are from Cuba. Throughout the written text, we can also identify her Latin roots due to the dialogues used in all scenes by both her and the rest of the characters who are immediate family. Both Spanish and English are used by the author, however the primary informal language used by the characters is in English. Margarita during the course of the play is…

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