The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Today’s Leaders and Managers

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Leading and managing people and resources

The challenges and opportunities facing today’s leaders and managers

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This assignment looks into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s leaders and managers. The assignment is broken down into four simple parts. * What are leaders and manager and how do they differ? * The challenges and opportunities that face both in today’s world * Three different leadership and management techniques that could be implemented in the workplace * Harper Adams students’ Union President position and the challenges the position poses.
All these will be discussed in detail in the following report and all findings will be
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The manager must be familiar with the work of all the groups he/she supervises, but does not need to be the best in any or all of the areas. It is more important for the manager to know how to manage the workers than to know how to do their work well.
This is quite a good definition of a manager and to sum it up in one sentence quoted from the Harvard Business school text:
‘A manager is someone who gets results through other people’.
When we look at the two in comparison we can see that leadership and management are both important, but they seek to do different things. Some say that good leadership is more important than good management; leadership and management are crucial factors that determine the company’s further development. Effective leaders will focus on your future and good managers will focus on your present operations. They are not the same thing but are also complementary to each other. * The manager administers, the leader innovates * The manager is a copy, the leader is an original. * The manager maintains, the leader develops
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2013)

The challenges and opportunities that face both in today’s world

Being an effective leader/manager is all about being someone who leads by example. A manager is someone who simply follows the job objective. Today both have to be strong communicators, it is vital that they understand the two-way nature of communication so they are able to nurture

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