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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or in short referred to as just autism, is a very server development disorder that has effected and consumed many children’s lives. Autism is not an easy illness to maintain. In this research paper I will discuss the effects that Autism can have on a person who suffers from it, how this disability impacts their families and friends, as well as their classroom and learning environment. I will also discuss what research based interventions and assistive technology are provided to help and contribute children with autism. The last thing that will be discussed in this research paper is how effective and beneficial it is to have family partnerships to help families gain knowledge so that they can be better
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Typically children evolve socialization skills naturally. Children to tend to gaze at faces, move their heads when they recognize familiar voices, and smile when a familiar face comes around. All of these behaviors tend to surface within the early months of life. Most children with autism however have a difficult time engaging in basic everyday human interaction. They show symptoms such as failure to respond to their name, lose interest in people, and delayed muttering. During toddlerhood, children have difficulty playing social games and interacting with their peers, they often prefer isolation and rather play alone. (Facts about ASD, Pg. 1). Communication difficulties with autism children include being delayed in speaking, and learning to use gestures. Some children with Autism can develop better speaking techniques, but later on the ability to speak diminishes until it is completely lost. With Autism, children often show repetitive behavior, that include hand-flapping, rocking, jumping and twirling, arranging and rearranging objects, and repeating sounds, words, or phrases. (Factsabout ASD, Pg. 1). Autism not only effects the person living with it, it also takes a toll on the family members and friends of that person. Everyone who comes in contact with the diagnosed individual must take every precaution necessary to ensure that person’s comfort and …show more content…
Teaching a child with autism can be a difficult task if the teacher is not trained or properly equipped to accommodate their needs. Modifications have to be made to the classrooms and possibility the curriculum to help accommodate each autistic student. Two things that are critical when it comes to teaching children with autism are the materials and the arrangement of the classroom. A list of accommodations can included posting classroom rules on the wall, having sensory triggers, having quite areas, labeling centers and work stations, etc. “When working with young children with autism, some general principles are applied. Each child with autism is different, but they generally share some of the same learning characteristics such as: they tend to be visual learners, materials need to be clearly organized, and they learn best when sensory stimuli are kept to a minimum (Deris, 2013, pp. 52-56). Interaction of autistic children in the classroom can be difficult to deal with. Some autistic children lack communication skills and cannot express there needs to the teacher. If a teacher is not taught or familiar with how to handle these situations, it can be difficult teaching the autistic child. This is where more accommodations come into

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