Advantages And Disadvantages Of Children In Foster Care

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Statement of the problem
Most children in foster care tend to be at high risk of experiencing stability due to various complications that they have experienced in their lives. Especially for those that are still trying to get used to the idea of being in the foster care system. Depending on the type of difficulty that they are dealing with most of these children living in foster care find it hard to academically strong when their mind is not stable. Children of all ages end up in the foster care system, some of them struggles to care for themselves because they cannot trust that someone else will care for them as much. Their only self-motivation is the hardship that some of them deals with, making them challenge themselves to make a way out of the system or make the completely lose hope. While some are fortunate to be placed in foster homes that are suitable for them, others struggle to go from one foster care to
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Sandra Stukes Chipungu, Tricia B. Bent-Goodley discussed some of these related issues in their research. The result from researchers stated that approximately 30% to 80% of children in foster care display emotional and/or behavioral problems, some of which might be from their experiences before entering foster care or from the foster care experience itself. Children entering foster care may experience grief at the separation from or loss of relationship with their biological parents which is also one of the reasons why that affect they academic performance because their minds are stable and more of the foster parents do not put the effort in paying to the kids. Most children in foster care also face emotional and psychological challenges as they try to adjust to new and often changeable environments. Most of them suffer from separation and started showing signs of depression, aggression, feeling of loneliness. (Perfect, Stoll, Thompson, & Scott

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