The Challenges And Disadvantages Of Black Men In America

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For blacks in America there has been little improvement when it comes to discrimination. Black men may have it the worst. Even an uneducated person knows the inequalities and false labels placed on black males. Being a black man in America is equivalent to being a criminal. It was never innocent until proven guilty; it has always been guilty until proven innocent to a certain degree.
Kasa’vea Greenslade, 19 years of age, resident of York, Pennsylvania has faced some difficulties as a black man in America. He has realized that black men in America are at a disadvantage. He compared it to an incident when he and a friend walked into a store and were followed around because they were young black men. His whole life he has been labeled a criminal
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The difference is the disadvantages. Women struggle more with power issues, for example a women to have a job that has been predominantly and man’s job for years may be a big problem to a lot of people. Look at the recent election for example as an inexperienced, racist, without much experience was elected president but an experienced women, that made a few mistakes was not elected. So my disadvantages as a female have never been anything physical or with the being mislabeled as a criminal. Kasa’vea has always felt like he was in some sort of danger or his innocence never mattered. He was basically guilty until proven guilty but would never be considered innocent. Even though I am black I am a female so officers are not as intimidated by me. Kasa’vea is a black man who can be considered to be intimidating to another man because they share similar strength. Women are considered to be more emotional and weaker than men, so to society I fall into the less intimidating category. Black men get taken advantage of by whites because it their word against blacks. Being a female if I report a white man for abuse or any harm of any sort the chances of the justice taking attention of penalizing the man are higher than if a black man reported a white man. Yes Kasa’vea and I are the same race but when it comes to the justice system I am at more of an advantage. Based on identity development Kasa’vea and I are a part of minority. I am apart of stage 4 because I see racism and forms of oppression but I turn it into a positive thing by making it my reason to become successful and put all that anger into hard work (Martin, Nakayama 115). I want to prove that women are not weak and they can achieve anything a man can achieve. For Kasa’vea he is a part of stage 3 because all of his anger was triggered by events that occurred in his life, like when he was followed around in a

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