Essay on The Challenge Of Child Abuse

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The challenge of child abuse permits unwavering social concern and focused study by forensic scientists, social scientists and psychiatrists. What pushes adults to physically abuse children entrusted to their care? In the present investigation, an outline of a significant body of the literature is organized by sightseeing three dimensions of abuse: the parent-child relationship, the psychopathology of offensive parents, and the psychodynamics of inspiration. Not any of these dimensions taken alone provides a reasonable understanding of the phenomenon of abuse. An integrative prototypical is offered where child abuse is considered as a function of three universal factors: ego weaknesses of the parent, stresses on the guardian or parent and courses that direct the parent 's violent urges against the child(Starling, Sirotnak, & Jenny, 2000).
Child abuse involves all forms of physical, sexual abuse, emotional ill-treatment, neglect or commercial or other exploitation, resulting in harm to the health of a child, development, survival or dignity in the context of responsibility, trust or power. Child abuse can also be defined as any act or assumption on the part of parents which results in emotional harm, serious physical injury, sexual abuse, exploitation or even death, constituent ill-treatment of children.
Child abuse is a very dangerous set of problems that involves the physical, emotional, child neglect and sexual abuse of children. Child abuse is the…

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