Essay The CEO and Organizational Culture Profile: Google

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The CEO and Organizational Culture Profile: Google

Strayer University

BUS 520 Leadership Organization Behavior
Dr. Latrice Love Cooper
July 29, 2013

Description of the Organization
Google, a company that originally started out of someone’s garage, has gone on to change the way of life for many across the world. Google has become a way of living for so many until terms such as “Google it” has been coin, to represent the search engine able to deliver answers to any question within seconds. Even though Google is mostly known for it’s able to deliver answers within seconds, the company has expand it’s operation into many other tech exploration sectors. The company has recruited the best of the best
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Google gives,” meaningful, impactful projects”, to employees that allows intrinsic rewarding to take place. Google’s employees feel rewarded just because the work that their performing has a direct value to the employees. Google has created an innovative work environment that employees will brag about for years to come.
The Perfect Leader for Google
The perfect leader for an establishment, such as Google, must be a leader that can change with time. Google’s work environment is setup for endless possibilities, so a leader would be an individual that is open to change, able to relate to a younger workforce, and open to error. In an academic article written by Hardy Q, he states:
“Google prides itself on hiring only the truly brilliant (and the unabashedly arrogant, rivals say) and believes the crowd always outsmarts anyone inside it. It shares all the information it can with as many employees as possible, encouraging debate but insisting on like-minded cooperation. It also pursues a rapid-fire food-fight strategy that throws out ideas as fast as possible, to see what sticks.
The perfect leader for Google would be an individual that is right brained, and open to different experiences. In addition, this leader would be a individual that is very detail oriented, precise in their work, and explain difficult application in a logical sense, everything of a Sensation-Thinking Personality. This leader must be able to develop raw talent, for most,

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