The Century Quilt By Marilyn Nelson Waniek Essay

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In “The Century Quilt” by Marilyn Nelson Waniek, the speaker shares her story about wanting her grandma’s quilt, so she shows complex meaning by trying to transpose her feelings her new blanket. Waniek shows multidimensional through her dreams, her jealousy she had towards her sister because she possesses the quilt, and how she talks about her past and future generation. However, she wasn’t able to inherit Meema’s blanket, she had to go out of her way to infuse meaning to a quilt she got. Through the use of different type of imagery, reminiscent tone and the structure of her poem in shifts and talking about her past, present and future.
Waniek structures her poem by using complex meaning between the speaker and quilt. She is shifting through her past, present and future. She remembers being “in love with Meema’s Indian blanket”. But then her sister was the one who got to inherit the blanket, she remembers that “... the blanket I found on my sister’s bed the last time I visited her”. Though she didn’t say it in the text, she had a jealousy in her, because she wasn’t the one who got the blanket. She then talks about the present in finding a new blanket. She elaborates more on the blanket, “ I think I’d have good dreams for hundred years under this quilt.” Waniek wants to feel and act the same if she would’ve inherit Meema’s blanket. Later on the poem she shifts to the future. As in dreaming about her future generation. “ Within the dream of myself perhaps I’d meet my son or my…

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