The Central Mechanism That Perpetrates Inequality Essay

1086 Words Jan 29th, 2016 null Page
When talking about inequality there are many things that contribute to this issue. I would argue that the central mechanism that perpetrates inequality is stereotypes. There are many different types of them and so I think it is important to talk about most of them. Without stereotypes I would argue that we wouldn’t have to worry about inequality in society because no one would be judging other and we wouldn’t have people who think that they are better then others or have more resources then others. If we were to stop the stereotypes that people have then I would like to think that we could have total equality in the society that we live in currently. When talking about stereotypes I am going to look at race, class and status stereotypes. When looking at race throughout stratification we looked at people in the work place who were being treated unequally. In a couple of our articles throughout the class a few articles that supported this were about race in the work place and discrimination in the work place. I believe and it is supported that when people who aren’t white are trying to find jobs they have the most discrimination and these articles prove that (Pager and Pedulla. 2015.) Gaddis (2014) talks about how black and white people who went to elite universities but were discriminated against in the work place. If it weren’t for stereotypes then we wouldn’t have this issue. People who are hiring fresh out of college students hold stereotypes, which cause this…

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