The Central Idea Of Grealy 's Story Essay

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1) The central idea of Grealy’s story is that Lucy have experienced an operation which resulted that her half jaw was removed, after that she suffered 20 years’ of people’s vicious taunt and more than 30 operations to fix her face. Because of this, she lost all of her confidence and didn’t dare to look at the mirror. Had the operations done, she realized that she didn’t look like herself, and began to acknowledge that the face is a way we experience and make decision about the world, and how we appear to the world is easily affected by other people’s attitude. She provided a lot of details support, including her painful memory of childhood in hospital, she got insulted by men and boys, she covered her face beneath the hair and clothes, and that she liked Halloween because she can hide her face under the mask. The central idea of Douglass’s story is that Douglass was a slave in Master Hugh’s family, and he was taught the alphabet. From then on, he started to learn reading and writing by himself through various stratagems. He hated being a slave and planned to escape. The details he provides include how his mistress treated him differently, he read the books about freedom and abolition that give him the desire to escape, how he resort to various stratagems to learn reading and writing.
2) In Lucy Grealy’s Mirror, I can feel the emotion of angry, helpless, unsympathetic. Because Grealy describes a series of incidents, including her painful memory of childhood in hospital, she…

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