The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Essay

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I am writing this memo to present my opinions after comparing and contrasting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.

I found both sites easy to read and understand. Both sites use simple language, simple vocabulary and sentences and topics that have been constructed in the simplest manner to enhance easy reading and understanding.

The primary audience of both sites is any external individual who is very concerned with health, physical fitness and proper nutrition such as a health and nutrition experts. The knowledge of the primary audience is specialized in matters that relate to diseases, control and prevention as outlined in the sites. This is well evident on the CDC website that has a bulletin board with various sub-titles such as diseases and conditions, healthy living, traveler’s heath and more topics. The same website features other health concepts concerning food safety savvy, less sugary beverages, healthy swimming and the call of surgeon general to action. The NIH website has general information on health such as nutrition, abuse of heroine, head lice and various health activities done by the national institutes of health.
Although both website are similar in which they both focus on Health, each website has its specific purpose to the reader. For example, the CDC website wants the reader to understand diseases, their control and prevention. Specifically, the site…

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