The Center Of Mt. Diablo Community Center ( Dcc ) Essay

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I have now been interning at the Diablo Community Center (DCC), on the campus of Mt. Diablo High School, for about seven weeks. In those seven weeks I have made a CPS report, three female students have come out to me as either being bi-sexual, or are questioning their sexual orientation, I have counseled three students that have experienced rape before their 16th birthday, worked with foster and homeless you who’s lives are falling apart and those that are excelling in all that they do, I’ve sat with students as they shed tears over parent’s expectations and tears of grief and loss. As I contemplated what I would write about for this learning log one young man continued to forward in my thoughts. I met with him at the beginning of my internship as I was doing check-in with the 9th graders, who had been identified as at risk, by their middle schools. This student is a 15- year-old freshman, has an IEP that states he will attend classes in the general population 85% of the time. At our original meeting he shared with me that he had been in a physical fight the first day of school with another student from his neighbor hood, who had stolen his video game system. In addition, he shared that his mother has Huntington’s disease and was recently put on a feeding tube. In reviewing the student’s grades, I found at the progress report he had an F in three of his A-G courses. I also discovered that while in middle school he had an excess of falls on the playground, I have…

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