Essay about The Center Of International Debate

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The center of international debate in 1989: Manual Noriega. The Panamanian dictator and drug lord was the focus of President George H.W. Bush, and as such, a center of controversy and debate. Though none can deny that he must answer for his crimes, many still pondered, “Is he really worth all it will cost us to bring him to justice?” The general, pre-1989 consensus was no, however, after the Panama Defense Forces (PDF) under Noriega killed a Marine, captured and brutalized a Navy Lieutenant along with his wife, as well as threats of sexual abuse, President Bush could no longer turn a blind eye. Operation Just Cause was thrust into effect, citing the US’s right to protect its citizens and its right to protect the waterway (Panama Canal) via the 1979 Panama Canal Treaties as justification for the invasion, and the reasoning behind the name. A full-scale invasion was on the horizon, but what was the plan? What was the price? What was the timeframe? What was the endgame? And what was the sentiment in the US? President Bush had one objective when it came to dealing with Noriega in Panama: terminate his rule. The idea was to relieve him of power, and replace him with Guillermo Endara, who had won a free election in May, only to be overridden by Noriega. This was seemingly accomplished quickly, with Noriega on the run almost immediately, and Endara sworn in at a US base within days, but still the dictator maintained his influence. He still had his followers, including the PDF,…

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