The Center For Nonviolence And Social Justice Essay

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Literature Review
Understanding Trauma
Definitions. The Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice (2014) defined trauma as experiences, which may overwhelm a person 's ability to cope with current and future events. This definition includes situations that are emotionally painful such a violence and abuse. Dauber, Lotsos, and Pulido (2015) included reoccurring sexual and physical abuse and witnessing intimate partner violence in their conceptualization of child trauma. D 'Andrea et. al, (2012) further defined complex trauma as multiple traumas occurring in the same period. These multiple traumatic events often occur in the child’s home environment. For this paper, trauma is defined similarly as situations that include violence, abuse, and neglect that overwhelm a child 's ability to cope with daily activities.
Attributes. Childhood trauma correlates with a multitude of negative outcomes for children who do not receive treatment for their experiences. These attributes associated with childhood trauma include depression, anxiety, emotional control issues, suicide, health issues, and relationship issues to name a few (Effects of Trauma, 2004; Westphal et al., 2011). Children who experience trauma at an early age are also less likely to achieve academic success as children and young adults (Westphal et. al, 2011). Dauber et. al (2015) posited that childhood trauma correlates with substance abuse and delinquent behavior.
Brief History of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral…

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