The Center For Interactive Research On Sustainability Essay

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Architecture has been evolving and adapting as we have moved forward with new technologies and a continuously increasing awareness about environmental issues. Some new facets are introduced in new upcoming buildings, in order to satisfy aesthetics criteria and to help sustain the environment, the Center For Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) is one of these buildings and it is found on the Sustainability Street in the University of British Columbia.
The Center for interactive Research on Sustainability, the most sustainable building in North America according to SABMagazine, serves as a university lecture hall, to hold meetings, house academic offices and, as the name explicitly says, to research on sustainability. But its function also meets its form. The CIRS’s formal style was designed thinking about the impact it has on the environment, ultimately creating a building that works closely together with the environment. Nevertheless the sleek and continuous gridding as well as the horizontal lines present are what make the outer design formal. Although wood is the predominant material glass, masonry and stone also make up most of its structure. The extensive amount of glass scattered across this U shaped building serves the purpose to allow natural light inside the building therefore allowing the economization of energy. Because most of the lighting that brightens up the inside enters from the windows, the living screen serves to control how much sunlight…

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