Essay on The Censorship Of Video Games

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It is common knowledge among many Americans that political power often times reaches too far; we find this in the form of a corrupt justice system, unethically mitigated national funds, and the shadow of political tyranny encroaching upon our basic rights. Perhaps my examples align with that of a romanticized freedom fighter, but everyday we see news portraying peoples ' disdain towards government involvement. Similarly, with the advent of stricter regulations on video games, we would see a large group of people, namely gamers, rear their heads in anger. You see, with a grip on the gaming market, what is to stop the government from eventually violating other forms of entertainment & media such as the internet, the movie industry, and television? By allowing proponents of video game regulations an inch, they would strive for a mile. Video games wouldn 't be enough and we would soon be an audience exposed to wrongly censored media, harrowing the desired messages of artists everywhere. Ironically, all of this censorship and regulating could lead to increased violence from the gaming public, as well as activists in defense of human rights. If that is not enough, there are immediate rights that are infringed upon with legislation such as this, mainly our first amendment allowing freedom of speech. This would undoubtedly infuriate those in favor of little to no government involvement, causing ever more organizations & groups to rally together against the decisions of the…

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