The Censorship Of The Media Essay

1347 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
While protecting children is an important thing society has to take on, some believe that internet censorship for children can lead to oppressing the people of a nation. Since internet is something that is hard to regulate it becomes a bit of chore when deciding how to protect children. Government can use these regulations as a mask and in reality use them to oppress. Especially totalitarian governments like China, Russia, and Iran. Lawrence Strickling, the US Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary, argues the internet should be free from government control and says “Groups and government have been making up the rules and regulations as we go along.” Larry Magid, a writer for Forbes, went to a conference in Russia regarding their censorship laws. In Russia pornography and other offensive material is strictly prohibited. Russia’s government explains that the reason for this law is to protect the children. The citizens of Russia feel that their free speech is being suppressed. Larry Magid believes it is possible to protect children without denying freedom of speech. While attending the government sponsored conference Magid was going to speak about how internet censorship denies free speech. Before it was his turn to speak he was told they ran out of time. Magid suspected that was not the case and later learned what happened, “A russian colleague confirmed that what they really ran out of was tolerance for what I had to say.” Magid believes that the internet should have…

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