Essay about The Celtic Queen Of The Iceni

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Boudicca was the Celtic Queen of the Iceni, a Brittonic tribe of eastern Britain during the Iron Age and early Roman occupation of Britain. She was born around 25 AD to a royal family in Celtic Britain and later in her life gave birth to two daughters and married Prasutagus, the King of the Iceni. When Prasutagus died, he left half of his property and his land to their two daughters and the other half to Rome. However, the Romans did not respect this will and they took control of all of the land and the possessions in order to rule the Iceni, as well as publically flogging Boudicca and raping her daughters. After these events, Boudicca mounted a revolt against the Romans which left the Ancient cities of Rome, Camulodunum, Londinium and Verulamium in ruins and over 80,000 of Roman citizens of Britain dead. Boudicca is best known for her legacy, which has been passed down from the works of Tacitus, a well renowned Roman historian. Tacitus depicted Boudicca as a fierce, brave and powerful woman for challenging the complacency of the Romans, who believed at the time that they were invincible. She is often labelled a heroine, and represented as a legendary figure as well as a patriotic queen who courageously resisted a powerful and alien enemy. She fought bravely against a brutal aggressor as well as standing up against injustice. Celtic women were fairly equal to the men at the time, and could take part in politics and wield power, unlike the Roman women. They also sometimes…

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