Essay about The Ceiling By Kevin Brockmeier

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Having power acquires one to be in control and influence a person’s conduct. One way a person gains the public’s attention is by persuading them that they can assist them conveniently. People are often able to lead others with their strategy by expressing a form of propaganda. When propaganda is used they create illusions to make others think it’s a compelling fact. Melissa and Chicken little are similar to one another when they invent an action point in order to grab the public’s attention by creating fear. On the other hand, World War II was an event that took place from September 1, 1939 until September 2, 1945 that used propaganda to gain political support and approval of others.

The Ceiling by Kevin Brockmeier created an idea of how an invisible barrier interfered with marriage. It all began at Joshua’s birthday party when she stated; “My life is a mess”. From this day on Melissa’s husband acknowledges strange behavior. Melissa portrayed herself as unsociable and unresponsive. Although it bothered Melissa’s husband he appeared with everyday behavior to not concern his son. Melissa’s husband wanted his wife to present him with affectionate ways in order to satisfy his needs. Instead she responded in a form of rejection when she gave him silent treatment. Rather than giving her own husband love she was developing feelings for her next door neighbor Mitch Nauman whom she had deep emotions for. Melissa’s husband was aware of what was happening, it devastated him so…

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