Essay On Organ Sales

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Having an organ market is not a typical thought that would cross the average person’s mind. But it’s a topic that maybe more American’s should consider. Although the topic is very controversial because some believe that it is morally wrong to sell parts of your body and many believe that selling organs will lead to more controversy than good. Currently the only legal way for a person with an organ failure to have a transplant is through donation after being put on a list. With 68,000 Americans on a organ donation waiting list, and another American added to the list every sixteen minutes, twelve Americans die every day waiting for a donation (Harris 213). If the government created a program to allow the selling of organs, there could possibly …show more content…
After researching the living organ donor sales it would be clear the market would mainly consist of kidneys. An idea from author Kaserman, is that the only logical solution to the shortage of transplant organs is to allow cadaveric organ sales (894). Cadaver organ sales would include only people who give consent before their death to donate healthy organs. As of now the United States allow legal adults to decide if they would like to donate their organs when they are deceased. With the idea of cadaver organ sales, this would allow families to receive money for the organs that are harvested from their loved ones. The cadaver organ sales have much less concern based on morals because the donors are not living and the choices they make will not effect their daily life. So although many believe that living organ sales are morally and ethically wrong, they should at least support the idea of cadaver organ sales. When looking at the cadaver organ sales there are still concerns that such be looked at including murder, suicide, contract for the money, and the well being for the donor. Since the donor will not be able to accept the money himself or herself, it is unlikely for them to sign up based on coercion. However because the donor will not be alive the cadaver organ sales covers a wider range of concerns over a living organ

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