The Causes Of World War 2 Essay

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The causes of World War 2 can be found in Treaty of Versailies, economic eollapse of the world economy,Europeans policies toward Fascist, United States policy of international isolationism, and the failure of the League of Nations.All of these event had a chance to stop World War 2 from happened. The did not because they were a flaw or they scared of doing anything to start another World War. The Treaty of Versailles ended The “Great” War (WW1). It was supposed to make sure that it would not happen again. However, it did not play out like this. First, this was dictated peace treaty where only winner of the The “Great “War was invited. The country at the Versailles Peace Treaty were the United States, France, England , and Italy who “won” the “Great” War. The German who lost the war was not invited. Therefore not a peace treaty it was the blame game. The representation were Prime Minister David Lloyd George from England , George Clemencreey from France, Vitrorio Orlando from Italy , and the United States was President Woodrow Wislon. Only the United States had intentions of peace to not let this happen again. The rest had ulterior motives, the English wanted to hang the Kaiser the leader of Germany, the French wanted revenge for the Franco-Prussian War, the Italian wanted land from the Germans. At the end of treaty they took away German land the Soar Basin, made they pay reparation sfor whole war and they would end up crippled Germany. They crippled Germany so bad…

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