The Causes Of The Police Brutality

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The police brutality

The police handled an essential part in society as its protectors. The law enforcement officers look out for the citizens and try to protect their safety and happiness whenever possible. Throughout the years, however; the society has questioned the use of force, racism and internal corruption as well as other forms of misconduct by officers of the law. Some people claim that many of these problems are misconstrued by the media and blown out of capacity; these officers are simply doing their job. Others argue that these circumstances can be drawn back to poor training and policies. Others maintain that the whole system needs to be changed and that with the rise in crime; officers have become enforcers more than protectors.
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Some officers’ use their power to frightened the society. Many people have been shot officers without much reason. One of the victims is Eric Garner, who is married and has six children, killed by a number of police officers. Garner was selling the cigarettes outside the liquor store when the NYPD officers showed up. They ask Garner why he is selling cigarettes? Garner was saying he is tired of being harassed and he is not selling any cigarettes. After this conversation, one of the officers tries to arrest Garner. Garner refused to be arrested and the other officer grabs his neck. The officer took Garner to the ground. One of the officer chokehold Garner for about 15 min while Garner said he could not breathe, however; the officer refused to let him go. By the time, the ambulance came, but they would not do the CPR on Garner. The ambulance took him at the hospital after one hour later Garner was dead. Garner lost his life because he was selling cigarettes without tax stamps. This does not make sense because they would have talked to him respectfully instead of forced him to death. After all, Garner family could not get a justice. The police officers did not take the responsibility for the …show more content…
Is it possible to bring justice to those victims of police brutality and hopefully one day bring it to an end? Yes, I do believe this is possible, but to get rid of it will take decades of dedication in doing so. One solution that I believe should be implemented is that each department has a committee of trained citizens, not police, to investigate these reports and complaints. This committee would deal specifically with police brutality, which would make a case of such, their main priority. These people would need to be thorough and are not related to the police department, that way the code of silence would never apply. In addition, there needs to be an easier and cheaper way in reporting such incidents for victims. Victims should not be afraid to come forward, but more feel comfortable

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