Causes Of The Mexican War

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All throughout history people have walked hand in hand with war. War has been an ever present thorn in humankind since the very beginning (Hernadez, 2010). Some say that is a human necessity. While others say that war is a requirement. Even though war has always led to destruction, death, anguish, and human suffering, history over the ages has shown that where there is war, there are rewards to be gained (Hernadez, 2010). The most dramatic event in history of relations between Mexico and the United States took place a century and a half ago. Many historians refer to this event as “The Mexican War,” while in Mexico they prefer to use the term “The U.S. Invasion.” (Hernadez, 2010). One of the main causes of this war was the annexation of the Republic of Texas, which took place in in December of …show more content…
Texas became state number 28 at the time. From 1846 to 1848, when the United States of America and Mexico went to war. Polk president at the time initially made an offer to the Mexican government to purchase some of the Mexican territory. After this offer was rejected, troops form the US were moved into the dispute territory of Coahuila. These troops were then attacked by Mexican troops, killing 11 American troops and taking 52 prisoners. The war was fought from California to Mexico City, this war was fought in Mexican soil (King, 2000). It is said there were several reasons why this war was fought one was America’s desire for California and other Mexican territories. The war ended in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The Mexican American War was a violent and devastating for Mexican citizens it changed the way of Mexican and American history for

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