The Causes Of The Korean War Essay

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War can often occur with diminutive warning and result in vast destruction and excessive mortality. Greed, power, and improvement in standard of living constitute some of the causes for wars. Another cause of war is to protect the boundary of the country. In some countries such as Korea and Vietnam these boundaries define the different political views of the territories. Korea and Vietnam became divided between the Communist North and the Democratic South. This division of the countries led to disputes and then war. The causes of the Korean War were very similar to the Vietnam War with their roots in the Truman Doctrine and the Domino Theory, and events led to the War on Terrorism, however they did have differences and varying perspectives in both wars. First, the causes of the Korean War evolved when World War II ended. The events in China led to the causes of the Korean War. At that time the Japanese left China, and this event caused the end of the cooperation between the Nationalists and the Communist in China. The United States favored the Nationalists because they were against communism because the United State felt communism scorned democracy, human rights, and the created economies that would not trade with capitalist countries. Even though the United States sent support in military equipment and supplies, it wasn’t enough for the Nationalists in China and consequently the Communists took over China. Truman, the president of the United States at…

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