Pearl Harbor Research Paper

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor seemed like a random act of aggression on an unsuspecting nation that had no reason to suffer, however, what if this was not the entire truth? During the mid to later parts of the 1930 's America, along with Britain, China, and the Dutch, put major trade sanctions on the Japanese Empire called the "ABCD Line" which refers to the nations involved. These sanctions specifically froze Japanese Steel, Oil, and Rubber imports. The Japanese media and propagandists quickly stated that western powers were meddling in Japanese affairs to bring about an economic collapse and regime change. The Japanese military quickly began to use this as a casus belli for their justification for attacking pearl harbor.
Japan began its militaristic policies during the Second Sino-Japanese war, which started in 1937. The subjugation of China by western powers all throughout the early 19th century and late 20th century left a power vacuum in the far east. Japan saw this as an opportunity to claim Manchuria from china, and to use its vast coal and iron deposits to become self-sufficient in its steel production. However,
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So, to strike back at the American involvement in sanctions on Japan, and to possibly keep America from challenging Japan, a decision to attack Pearl Harbor was reached. The day was set, and on December 7, 1941, at 7:48 Japanese aircraft pummeled the navy installation at Pearl Harbor, sinking 12 ships and killing nearly 2400 sailors and civilians. It seemed like such an uncalled for attack by an aggressive nation, but really it was a last ditch effort to force the American government into trade negotiations that would be fair, or even favor the Japanese. This was a huge miscalculation, however, and soon Japan had a war with the United

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