The Causes Of The French Revolution

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France has a long history of problems, wars, and conflict that have led the country through many regimes including: monarch, empress, republics. To start off I will discuss the French Monarchy and how the end of the Monarch was a direct result of the French revolution. During the 18th century the French government, or King Louis XVI, tried to raise taxes as a direct result of war and court life costs. The French citizens did not like this and thus they revolted which leads to the French Revolution. The French Citizens resented the role of the absolutist monarch, also the inequality among the peasants and the bourgeoisie, the national debt, and food scarcity were some of the many causes of the French revolution. At the end of this is leads to …show more content…
The first republic also declared the notion of popular sovereignty, reduced/ disestablished the power of the Catholic Church, and created the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. From this change in French government and rule France gave rise to the secular state. In the year 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte came into power, declaring himself the Emperor of all France. Napoleon lead conquests into North Africa and all across Europe and during his rule he also created the French Bureaucracy. Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 by the successor of Frances throne, Louis XVIII. The regime of Louis XVIII retained some of Napoleons many accomplishments including: merit based civil service and a system of codified laws. In the year 1848 the French rebelled again and through this rebellion the second republic was …show more content…
Through the Great Carter or the Manga Carta of 1215 the King recognized it as the right for his subjects to have council in the kingdom which evolved into what was known as Parliament. In the year 1688 when King James II wanted to reassert the divine right of kings which led to a political up rise in the country causing James to flee. The glorious revolution of 1688 sought to bring a permanent realignment of power within England and to the Constitution which occurred during the rule of William and Mary of Orange. Through this was the creation of the Bill of Rights which gave the Kingdom and its citizens various liberties. It also gave power back to Parliament where raising taxes and creating laws without the consent of Parliament was illegal.
In Britain one of the most important and most influential events that occurred was the rise of industrialization seeing that Britain was the first country to industrialize. There was a shift in Britain’s cities as more people began to move there and the rise of men of commerce and wealth began to occur. It also creates the rise of the working class and expansion of the middle class as citizens began to demand more rights. To citizens in Britain the government is responsible the well-being of their

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