The Causes Of Synesthesia. Kelsey Burge Essay

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The Causes of Synesthesia
Kelsey Burge
Blackburn College PY 101

Synesthesia is a condition in which a person perceives an object with more than one sense because the brain crosses paths between the regions that are responsible for distinguishing each sense. For example, when a person sees the letter Z, he may also see the color red in his mind. In addition, it is not guaranteed that two people with synesthesia, or synesthetes as they are called, will have the same sensations when observing objects (Hornik, 2001). It is estimated that 1 in every 2,000 people has synesthesia (Kher, 2001, 64). Although there are some ideas of what causes synesthesia, it will be difficult to recognize a clear cause because all synesthetes are affected on a sort of continuum. That is, every synesthete has a different way that they associate, and cross-over, senses (Simner, 2012, p. 26). Testing for synesthesia is an exact process because participants must choose the same shade of color that accompanies a letter in their mind after being shown that letter. In 1993, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen conducted a study that surveyed synesthetes and non-synesthetes. After one and a half years, 92% of the synesthetes gave the same answer, while only 37% of the non-synethetes could be consistent with their answer. Besides this type of testing, it is nearly impossible to determine whether a person is actually experiencing the phenomenon of synesthesia or not, thus rendering it a questionable study (Hornik, 2001).…

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