The Causes Of Sexual Harassment In The Military

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Sexual harassment in most cases are occur more often to a woman than a man due to the fact that as progressive as the 21st century is, there is still inequality in almost every working force, whether it is under government employment or otherwise. Women tend to resign to their fate out of fear and the belief that no one will believe them over a man or how they would be portrayed if any news of the harassment were to be revealed. The man doing the harassing might portray the woman as something else entirely make others believe that she was leading him on or showing an interest in him. Also, they think by telling someone that they are being harassed the perpetrator will make situations worse for them and it can lead to them being assaulted. In …show more content…
It is even a statistical fact that a woman is twice as more likely to be harassed and/or assaulted in the military than if she was a civilian
Sexual harassment on rare occasions can also happen to a male too. It is not really as reported as often as it should due to the fact that a man would normally find this embarrassing so it is pretty much a matter of pride and reputation. A man would believe if he is being harassed by a woman, he believes that his peers would see him as either a wimp for not doing
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Instead they get fined, reduced privileges, counseling, discharged,moved to another squadron. These situations can happen because the person in charge might not want this information being released to the public and want it swept under the rug. An example of this is the case of Rachel Blumer, a United States sailor, who was both harassed and assaulted. Instead of the perpetrators being punished it was Blumer who gotten penalized by her command and ostracized from her unit. There were even rumors going around saying that she lied about being raped just to get out of a
DUI. Blumer was further criticized about her experience, being called weak for not sucking it up and just get back to work. On her first day back, Blumer’s security clearance was also revoked until her DUI charge was cleared, so instead of intercepting iraqi transmissions for the location of roadside bombs, she was assigned janitorial duties.
The are also cases are severely mishandled and not taken seriously by the person who is in charge of the investigation. For example, the case of Katie Rapp of the Ohio National Guard who was engaged at the time when she first got harassed during

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