The Causes Of Racism And Police Brutality

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Racism and police brutality go hand-in-hand. In an article in the Nov 12 issue of the Guardian Statistics show that African American males are being killed by officers twice every other week. (Guardian1.) While Americans of all races can become a victim of police brutality, it affects the African American community out of proportion to all others. The African American communities have been subjected for many years to violence by those in higher authority. Law enforcement tends to use their authority to express excessive force upon blacks. The use of “excessive” force by an officer usually results in unjustifiable act ending in the beating or killing of an innocent citizen. Racial profiling is one of the biggest causes leading to police brutality; …show more content…
Gladly the video of Giovanti went viral and caught the attention of many people. Officers seem to be justifying the beatings and killing of innocent citizens by claiming they were “resisting” and using excessive force. The line between what is necessary and what is needed is very thin. The use of force is no doubt an important aspect of law enforcement; however force should also be used with discretion. The use of force can range simply verbal commands to the lethal force. In various situations, police officer’s response to calls that are not deliberate as perceive. According to Unidentified Rancho Cordova, CA police arrested and beat a group of teenagers for Jaywalking “sheriff deputy shot and killed a man armed with a stapler. Deputies were called to investigate suspicious activities and found Fuller sitting in a stolen car outside of a house. Fuller ran as the deputies approached him, which lead to a chaotic chase through the neighborhood. A witness reported hearing Fuller say he had a gun, and other witnesses reported him saying he was armed.”(Unidentified rancho). Law enforcers are attempting to justify to themselves and citizens that they are doing more good than bad. Police officers seem to always shoot first and ask questions later

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