The Causes Of Obesity In Adolescents

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Obesity has been affecting society for centuries. The rate of gaining weight and health related diseases have increased during the past decades. Farmers are using harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, to protect their crops from insects. Scientists and food companies are coating edible items with deadly chemicals to enhance their products’ flavor. Over twenty different kinds of chemicals are sprayed into the environment and in our food, increase the rate of obesity found in adolescents. American diet changed over the years. New technology emerged during the past decades, which resulted in mass production of crops and foods for the general public. Chemicals are used to modified foods’ taste as well as protecting crops from insects. …show more content…
It is not uncommon to have medication that will cause negative side effect. Nor is uncommon for teens to eat meat. However the antibiotics added to the animals contributes to the cause of obesity in teens. Most teens are omnivores and will consistently eat meat during their meals, however they may not know that antibiotics and hormones are added to their food. Nor teenagers are aware of the consequences of using artificial sweeteners as an attempt to becoming healthy. A common chemical that is found in food is MSG, which is uniquely known as Monosodium Glutamate. MSG is used as a flavor enhancer in food products. As Kevin Parkinson stated,
“[MSG works] by controlling the appetite-regulation center in the hypothalamus of the brain. MSG turns off that center, and the urge to eat continues. MSG is an excitotoxin that causes brain damage. It “fools” the brain into thinking the food tastes great… but readers should be educated about the traps of fast food, compromised food, obesity and chemicals like MSG,”
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Study have shown that, “EDCs mimic, block, or otherwise interfere with the body’s natural hormones and alter the way that human cells develop and grow,” (USA Today 1). These chemicals are found in common places. For instance EDC are in, “food can linings, cash register receipts, plastics (including water bottles), cosmetic, flame retardants, and pesticides,” (USA Today 1). EDC alters cell develop and growth, which affects everyone, especially the unborn. This chemical caused obesity as well as infertility, hormone related cancers, and neurological issues. They contribute to the increase of obesity by having crops and other ingredient exposed by EDC via pesticides and plastic. People unknowly consume EDC by having their food inside cans. The chemical can be absorbed through the individual’s skin. The products mentioned above are items that most people have access to

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