The Causes Of HIV

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Virus In the early 1800’s two scientists by the name of Friedrich Loeffler and Paul Frosch discovered an infected particle in which was smaller than any bacteria and would soon be known all around the world as a virus (Emiliani, C. 1993). Viruses are the causes of a huge number of diseases in humans. Such as, small pox, a common cold, chicken pox, influenza, shingles, herpes, polio, rabies, and AIDS. These are only some of the viral infections. In some cases, cancer may up rise from the virus, but it is not very common. (Emiliani, C. 1993)
Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, is one the world’s most fatal illnesses. (Regents of the University of California) It is a virus in which attacks the Immune system, also known
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Antiretroviral therapy, known as ART is an almost cure (“Overview of HIV Treatments”, 2015). ART helps control the virus inside of the individual so that they will be able to live a longer and better life. It also helps to control the scattering of HIV to other people. These medicines stop the HIV virus from making copies of it-self. If you have less HIV in the body, it gives it the chance to regain its self and attempt defeat the infections being thrown at it. ART is the one medicine that is most planned for HIV infected individuals. If this is left untreated the virus will still constantly grow and will grow stronger and eventually turn into AIDS (“Overview of HIV Treatments”, 2015). There are six different groups of drugs for HIV and they contain over 25 different medicines. The United States Department of the Health and Human Services gives strategies on the usage of medicine for HIV. They recommend ART with three HIV medicines from two different groups (“Overview of HIV Treatments”, 2015).The current studies show that scientist think that they are approximately three years away from finding a cure for both HIV and AIDS (Mr. …show more content…
HIV makes it extremely hard for the body’s immune system to fight off the bacteria that is harmful or deadly. Nobody is safe from getting HIV, anyone can counteract it. It is spread through blood, semen, vaginal fluid and even breast milk ( Arabic Health Encyclopedia). You cannot contract this virus from the following saliva, sweat, spit, tears, air and or insects. Although there are many ways in which one can contract this, the most common are unprotected sex and sharing syringes and even needles. Once sick, it can take up to at least nine years before symptoms even begin to appear. So you could be sick for years and you wouldn’t even know it. As of right now in present times, there is no cure for HIV, but treatments in which can slow down the progress and help recover the life of the ill ( Arabic Health Encyclopedia). The cure for HIV is still a working process; scientist and doctors are working extremely hard in order to find a cure (TAGline Spring

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