The Causes Of Friendship

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A friendship is considered to be a bond in which two people trust and support one another. Friendships fail for many different reasons, some more complicated than others. Starting from different opinions to dating a best friend 's ex; it ranges from the smallest to the biggest things. While most times arguments are based off of the same problems, it causes the relationship between the two friends, to end at times. "Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Friendships end for many reasons, lack of communication is one major issue. This small factor leads to a list of other problems; they become distant, begin to develop trust issues, and problems with jealousy and depression. These factors slowly cause the
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Breaking a promise or a rule in the friendship guide is one major thing friends are not supposed to do. Having rules set in the friendship keeps the crazy things controlled and from getting out of hand. Dating a best friend 's ex, even spreading secrets that were sworn not to be told, or siding with someone other than their best friend. These are all rules in the friendship book, which are never to be broken. If any of these rules are to be broken, it can cause extreme fatality and stress in the existing friendship. Something as simple as ending a friendship on bad terms can cause problems with future relations. After a bad ending, it could cause fear and trust issues, making it terribly difficult to create new friends and new relationships with …show more content…
The friends get older, they get out of high school and become adults. College, work, family, and life is much more important than spending time with friends. It is what is being worked for now. All of the time and energy that was spent on their bond has now been spent more wisely homework, chores, or family time. Even a job or college might be a bigger priority than spending a little bit of time with a few friends. They each have things that they must do in order to maintain their happiness. Having more important things to do has benefits, they are not getting into any trouble or doing anything that they should not be doing. Those specific things might not include the other person, causing the bond between the friends to die out, ending the entire friendship slowly but surely. This can also cause them to become distant, sometimes even leading to depression. Having to grow up and become an adult, having to handle business and everything themselves is not the boat ride many people do not want to take. Losing a best friend is not easy, but can be overcame. Mentality and happiness can rapidly dwindle, leaving an extremely broken bond or

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