Unethical Behavior In The Workplace

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In recent times, several unethical cases have been reported in the workplace and various organizations. Whether it is a privately owned or a corporate organization, such behaviors are unwelcomed. In the event of these scandals, various researchers have been unveiling the reasons for such actions. Similar research shows that most people have coopted different profound unethical manners. Also, more often, the society are locked in the thoughts that unethical behavior is the fruit of bad traits. This paper thus explores the factors that contribute to unethical behavior
Among the identified factors is the pursuit of increasing or reaching a certain targeted profit. More often, the aim of a business is to increase profit. However, in business, uncertainties
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Usually, the organization sets its targets that are to be achieved within a specified period of time. Some of these goals are unrealistic, and the fact is, overstretched goals are almost utterly unattainable. However, to remain at the top of bargaining power, ethical are sometimes overshadowed as the process may be too long to achieve. Similarly, for the purpose of a job security, employees have to impress the employer. Unfortunately, these interests are egocentric. In some cases, personal gain also can be the initial pressure thus an individual behaves unethically for self-satisfactory purposes. Among other pressuring factors are the greed. Greed is the epitome of most unethical practices in business. The element is a global problem and stretches from the executive to the casual workers (Pope, …show more content…
Pride is when one wants to be at the top in everything while not minding about the effects on others. For instance, the nature of the competitive environment forces humans to struggle to attain an overinflated idea that is above others (Kilduff et al., 2015). Perhaps no one wants to be uncomfortable, but circumstances set humans to accommodate each other. In this case, power and pleasure triggers pressure due to people not wanting to be content with the realities of life. These priorities are then overturned by unethical behaviors.
In conclusion, there are multiple factors that affect unethical behavior. The golden rule is understanding these factors in order to maintain a successful organization in today completive global market. Greed, pressure, pleasure and other triggering factors are there to stabilize the code of conduct not taint. The bottom line is to increase personnel enthusiasm and gain a good reputation to produce a quality

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