Dissociative Identity Disorder Case Study

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Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a miller and his daughter in a little house near a stream (Brothers). This is about as calm and normal as their lives gets. The miller was intentionally poor. When business was occasionally great he produced a wide variety of steel special screws and other construction materials that he sold to big companies. He gave away most of the money he made from his mill to random strangers.The miller believed in living humble. He wouldn’t allow himself to profit more than the exact amount needed for survival for three months.Once he made this amount and felt that he’d given away enough he stopped working. His teen daughter Sarah and him had a relationship that remained at some extreme. Either they were …show more content…
This disorder affects 5.9% of adults and most of them are women (75% of people with disorder are females). Several things are believed to lead to this disorder including not being accepted as a child, abuse during childhood, an overactive amygdala, an abnormal 5-HTT gene, a “combination of internal and external forces”, or a rapid changing culture. People affected by this disorder are prone to mood swings, extreme reactions, an unstable and false self image, suicidal behavior, anger issues, dissociative symptoms and impulsive behavior. However there are treatment options to help manage symptoms. Relational psychoanalytic therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are the best treatment options for this disorder. Drugs are a controversial treatment option. Drugs do eliminate symptoms but allow opportunity for suicide and patients with Borderline Personality Disorder have a tendency to stop taking their medication. Because of this the use of drugs isn’t always

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