The Causes And Treatment Of Liver Cancer Essays

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The liver is the organ that has multiple functions to the human body. Some of these functions are the production of certain proteins that for blood plasma, cholesterol, and storage of glucose and releasing when the body needs it. All of these functions can be distrusted when the liver cells are effected which leads to liver cancer, also known as hepatocellular carcinoma is a cancer that grows in the liver cells. These cells are malignant, and abnormal growth of liver cancer. Also liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer, and the third most common cause of cancer related deaths worldwide. The risk factors include hepatitis B and C virus, aflatoxin exposure, and heavy alcohol drinking. Liver cancer can also be transmitted through the genes of one’s family that had a high prevalence of chronic hepatitis B infection within their families. Second, genetic factors may also independently modulate liver cancer risk. Its recommended that these patients get their livers screened every six months in order to insure that the disease is hepatitis B is in control, and not affecting the liver more. Many studies suggested that these genetics heritable factors are likely to increase, the cause of liver cancer (Ali, Amit, Adam,2015).
An anticipated 748,300 new liver tumor instances and 695,900 liver ailment loss of life came about worldwide in 2008, approximately portion of which have been evaluated to appear in China. regardless of the reality that the age-institutionalized prevalence…

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