What Is Texting And Driving Persuasive Essay

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Many individuals have their cell phones on them every second of the day. Texting and driving are very common to many individuals. Texting and driving have killed many individuals all around the world. Many individuals use their phones on the road because they think they can do both at the same time. Adults and teenagers are the ones that text and drive. Texting and driving don 't just happen in the United States. Texting and driving occur all over the world. It can kill the person that is driving and they can also kill an innocent person on the streets. If everybody that got behind the wheel of a car puts down their cell phone while they’re driving it would save several lives every day. Many lives would be saved every day if everybody would focus on driving.
In this ad, there is either a male or female behind the wheel texting and driving. The person behind the wheel is holding a smartphone in their hands. The main thing a person that is looking at this ad will see the child on the screen of the phone. The child is going after the red/orange ball that has gone to the middle of the street. On the right corner of the ad, it has BMWs logo. There are trees and houses around in the neighborhood. On the bottom of the ad, It says with all capital letters “DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.” These letters are all capitalized because they want everyone that 's
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There is also a website with a name of an organization. The organization 's website is not very clear but on the bottom of the Ad there is the "National Safety Council" the website is "www.nsc.org." This organization has many categories of driving when you go to their homepage. This page focuses on all kinds of things on how to be safe. BMW uses this in their ad because they want people who are looking at their ad to go to the organization page. This organization page can help individuals get more information on how to be a safe driver on the

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