The Causes And Impact Of The French Revolution Essay

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The Causes and Impact of the French Revolution America’s triumph over Britain in 1783 ignited the belief that a revolution could spark the necessary economic, social, and political changes that the impoverished masses in France so desired. Famine, disease, and poverty swept through pre-revolutionary France. These factors entwined with the despot political system inflamed a decade long revolution and catapulted France from a feudal society into a dominant world force. The storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 marked the beginning of radical changes for the country of France the same way the Massachusetts’ “shot heard around the world” on April 19, 1775 marked the beginning of dramatic changes for the colonies of America. The French people revolted against and forever altered the political establishment of France.
The causes of the French Revolution were all entangled. Although the colonies’ victory inspired the French Third Estate to revolt, the American Revolution was also one of the many contributors to the internal strife that existed in pre-revolutionary France. France aided the colonist in their fight against Britain with ships, weapons, soldiers, and money. The French helped America gain her independence, but it severely weakened the French economy. “After the victory at Saratoga, from 1778 thru 1783, Ben Franklin and Silas Deane negotiated with France to give America six huge loans which just about broke the French Treasury.” (Smith). In addition to this debt,…

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