The Causes And Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Violent Video Game Violent video games(vvg) have become increasingly popular. not only are adults playing, but young children are too. Vvg is repeatedly blamed for damaging the mental states of children. People are claiming that children who are exposed to vvg content have higher possible to become more aggressive. Children who play VVG commit crimes such as shout, fight, and bully more than those who do not play vvg. Many studies have been conducted in order to determine how violence video games have been negatively affecting the players . It 's a common misconception that vvg are linked to violent and/or delinquent behavior. In the article "whodunnit- The media?" Maggie Culter addresses the controversy that follows the violent media. In the article, she asserts her opinion that instead of blaming the violent media, working together with the media will result a beneficial to the sanity and well state of mind of …show more content…
On his list, not surprisingly, video games industry was the first one to form the list. LaPierre stated that "callous, corrupt, and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people" are destroying our society and turning children into killers. This claim by the president of the NRA have several issues. To begin, he failed to mention the motion picture industry, the music industry, and the publication industry. Surprising for me since there isn 't a huge difference between a movie and video games. The content is extremely similar; violent movies are even more graphic than vvg. In fact, a UCLA study concluded that the percentages of violent content in television is between 69% to 92%, while video games contain 73% of violence content (PAMF). It’s strange that vvg have effect in our children when movies, television, and music have no

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