Maggie Culter's Article Whodunnit-The Media

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Violent Video Game Violent video games(vvg) have become increasingly popular. not only are adults playing, but young children are too. Vvg is repeatedly blamed for damaging the mental states of children. People are claiming that children who are exposed to vvg content have higher possible to become more aggressive. Children who play VVG commit crimes such as shout, fight, and bully more than those who do not play vvg. Many studies have been conducted in order to determine how violence video games have been negatively affecting the players . It 's a common misconception that vvg are linked to violent and/or delinquent behavior. In the article "whodunnit- The media?" Maggie Culter addresses the controversy that follows the violent media. In the article, she asserts her opinion that instead of blaming the violent media, working together with the media will result a beneficial to the sanity and well state of mind of our children. People need to realize that there are more factors that feed into the behavioral development of a child. Culter states "one of the reasons that so many media violences studies have been done is that the phenomenon may be so complex to study …show more content…
Video games can influence children, but not to the point of criminal actions. Young children that has not developed sense of right and wrong may be curse after hearing inappropriate language in video games but they won’t persuade crimes like stealing a car or shout someone after seeing or play those actions in Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. How far children are influenced by video games comes down to their parents. Video games become danger to kids when their parents don 't control what they play. Parents have the power to control what’s going on with the child and they choose how to raise them. There is plenty of information everywhere to help parents make the correct decision for their

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