The Causes And Effects Of The Piper Alpha Disaster

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Register to read the introduction… The platform itself is cost around 3 billion US dollars which is huge amount of money for the economy of the country which was just wested from here it can be said that there are so many peoples are effected by this disaster. Next the oil and gas which was produced by this platform they were shifted to the factories and cities to make man life for their daily life to live. After that the peoples who died in the accident their families are also was effected by losing them in this world most of them were at the age of 35-45 which means that most of are had children who was left behind. On the other hand the oil which was spilled on the sea can have a serious impact on sea living organisms such as shellfish, fish, marine mammals and aquatic plants.The threat posted to sea lives by an oil spill is that of physical smothering. This possible that it will lead to the death of the organisms according to their ability to constant feed, breath and move. All the organisms which was covered by oil on the sea are at the risk of the death.

Improvement and Prevention

The Piper Alpha accident, which remains the worst seaward accident up to now, attracted attention to the seaward industry also of regulators to the damage, which could arise in the case of explosion and shoot at the seaward platform and caused many changes, which formed the current seaward
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The case of safety written document, in which the company must demonstrate, that the effective system of the service of safety engineering is located in the place on the special offshore installation. The fulfillment of this should be transmitted.

Adherence to permission system to the work: This was the system of the documents, developed in order to contribute to the connection between all sides, touched upon by any rules of maintenance, made on the platform. System on Platform to alpha became too softened. Employees relied on too many unofficial communications, and it was missing the connections between changes in the change. If system was realized properly, then initial gas leakage never would occur.

The quality of the service of safety engineering is important: Cullen's report about Piper Alpha to alpha was very important with respect to control system in the company. In the managers was the minimum qualifications, which led to the poor methods and the ineffective revisions.

Need for the instruction in technology of the safety: Workers on the platform respectively were not trained in the extraordinary measures, and control was not trained to compose space and to ensure a good leadership during the crisis

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