The Causes And Effects Of Technology, Technology And Its Effects

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Technology and its Effects
“Technology has solved problems, but in turn, established more difficult dilemmas” -Professor Njowo. Machines have taken over the world, and technological advances rapidly increase as time moves on. It has changed our society, creating an advantage and a disadvantage. Technology changes how we act, from Mechanical to Organic solidarity society.
Recently, a summer course, Sociology, has changed my perspective on current issues regarding technology. A textbook, Sociology-The Basic by John J. Macionis undoubtedly explains how much machines, specifically technology, affect our daily lives. Chapters, Tech and Change, Modernity, and Global stratification, enlightened my friends and I about our modern dilemmas due to technology.
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I learned how to consider things from a sociological perspective. I saw how dependable we are on technology on a daily basis, the effect it has globally, and how we still strive to advance, but expect conflicts such as stratification to go away or solve itself. At first it bothered and angered me, but I later concluded that our use of technology isn’t going to change. No matter how long the parents supervise their kids or managed to keep things hidden from them, our modern requires us[the people]to be able to operate technology. This and further generations will be raised in a technological environment. Our society has adapted the use of technology into our[the people] routines. School work, employment, and simple things, for instance, teaching adolescents, everything requires some type of technology. School work is now turned in online, jobs use technology to make developments and help with projects, and parents wish to teach their children about education programs to get them ahead. From my perspective, I understand and agree, but from my newly formed sociological perspective, I can’t help but notice the transitions of society, and the conflicts that come with it. Sometimes, I wonder how different we would act if our technology were to disappear. Would we[the people] panic, or would we stay calm and move on? I believe we would try to recreate our current technology, considering how dependent we have become. Perhaps the future would be different, hopefully the forthcoming generations will have exceptional innovations, but would that construct immense dilemmas or would it solve them all? From what I have learned, it would be favorable, but harmful towards our

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