The Causes And Effects Of Staphylococcus Aureus Essay

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Evolution is the process how different kinds of living beings have emerged from earlier simplest forms of lives over the history of planet earth. According to Darwin different forms of life emerged mainly because of the adaptive nature of the genes and other accidental mutations of the DNA.
In my essay I will try to explain how this process of adaptations of the genes had helped some of the organisms to survive the toughest of the conditions. The selected organisms for present study is MRSA, a microorganism which has developed resistance to the almost all types of antibiotics.
Staphylococcus aureus the catastrophic effects of staphylococcus have affected human kind since very early history and it is believed that 6th plague of Egypt which was named as “incurable boils” was also caused by staphylococcus. But the name staphylococcus was given after the two Greek words stands for staphylos (grips) and kokkos (seeds/berry) in 1882 by the Scottish surgeon, Sir Alexander Ogeston. In 1928, penicillin was discovered by a Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming. Penicillin was introduced as a cure for bacterial infections as a malicurious antibiotic in 1941. But within one year staphylococcus aureus reported to be resistant to penicillin. (Martin & Ralph, 2013)
By the 1950s half or more of the staphylococcus strains in most of the hospitals were resistant to the penicillin. This development of resistance was not limited to the penicillin but other antibiotics was introduced such as…

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