Essay about The Causes And Effects Of Marketing Towards Children

989 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
With the birth of mass media there is an opportunity for mass manipulation especially when this manipulation is directed towards a young generation that absorbs information like a sponge (Pomeranz, 2010). Youth are prime targets of media advertisers because they control a forty billion dollar market on their own, and have the purchasing power to influence a seven hundred billion dollar adult market (Barbaro & Earp, 2008). For this reason, it is important to thoroughly explore if children are being manipulated by media corporations in order to make money. This paper will explore the causes and effects of marketing towards children while focusing on how it is a social problem. Media manipulation is a social problem because “children have a limited ability to comprehend the nature and purpose of advertising" and media consumption has a variety of health risks (Pomeranz, 2010, p.98). I will argue that ethics, legislation, violence and sexuality all contribute to the mass manipulation of children through media. The first section of the paper will discuss how media companies use unethical tactics while creating and developing the products they wish to sell to children. This paper will then explore how past government legislation has created and intensified this social problem. I will outline the damage violence and sexuality have on the behavior, attitudes and beliefs of children. I will explore how media directed towards children relate to sociological theories. This…

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